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  The Bat! Voyager 6.2.13 (Final release)

Aktuelle Änderungen:
nicht verfügbar


The Bat! Voyager 5.8.3 (Final release)

Aktuelle Änderungen:
nicht verfügbar


The Bat! Voyager (Final release)

Aktuelle Änderungen (seit v5.1.6.5):
[-] Stack overflow when trying to parse malicious or malformed HTML with too many nesting tags
[-] (#0000014) Wrong timezone offset in header of new message if "(GMT) Greenwich Mean Time : Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London" timezone is used and it's daylight saving time
[*] System folders (like Inbox, Outbox, Trash, etc) can now have their own settings for templates, deletion etc.
[+] Profiles for refiltering a folder
[+] Filter action to add/delete addresses to/from address book can extract target addresses from message body with template
[*] If files were dropped onto an Address History item, the editor uses the correspoing e-mail address as the destination
[*] Some visual fixes in "View Mode Setup"
[-] "Resend" message action must use "Delivery type" option in "Account Properties" to send message immediately or put it in Outbox
[-] "-ERR Invalid command" response from POP3 server when trying to open message in Message Dispatcher
[*] Empty lines are now correctly appears in POP.log
[*] Empty lines are now correctly appear in SMTP.log
[-] Access Violation when trying to save attachment with drag&drop from message opened from disk file (anti-virus check enabled)
[+] It is now possible to quick search folders in the folder selection dialogue
[-] Application freezes when doing mass mailing of big messages
[+] Nickname (Handle) from Address Book can be used in TO parameter of /MAIL switch in command line
[+] Nicknames (Handles) from Address Book are automatically expanded when used in address macros (TO, CC, ...) in templates
[-] Problem when coping/moving several messages between folders of the same Gmail account
[*] Double clicking on a list column separator expands column to fit its contents
[-] File selection dialog used main form as parent window on WinXP (hiding current window - message editor or address book)
[-] Memory corruption if Message Finder was closed when searching is in progress
[-] System Hotkey "Open MailTicker messages" didn't bring opened message to front on Windows XP
[+] Folder set tabs in the folder selection dialogue
[*] When account is creating by selecting folder in MAIL folder then account name and home directory are automatically filled
[*] Image contents is used to determine real image type (for example, name has PNG extension but there is GIF image inside)
[-] Possible deadlock when updating counters for IMAP folder
[-] (#0000058) Attached graphics no longer show as tabs
[+] Option to wrap test in "Plain text (Windows)" editor
[-] (#0000059) Certain Graphics cannot be accessed with the tabs
[-] Possible access violations related to logging subsystem
[-] The Bat! could report errors on some received S/MIME messages that were encrypted by weak keys
[-] (#0000041) The option to confirm deletion of a message group was ignored
[-] Image tab cannot be selected if image is damaged or has invalid format
[*] Some images were fixed (logotype and etc.)
[*] Plug-in notifications are more resistant to plug-in errors
[-] The "/OP:" command line parameter (for invoking folder maintenance tasks) was not functional
[-] Internal HTML viewer cannot correctly display messages in Japanese charset
[-] Some IMAP servers (g.g. Zimbra) could not tolerate the ID command to be sent simultaneously with Login
[-] Edition Type (Home/Professional) wasn't displayed in the about box.
[-] Fixes for Mail Dispatcher list/header view size and list font
[-] When a sub-set of folders was restored and those folders didn't exist already, they were created under the account's Inbox folder
[+] highlighting of the iecm:// protocol in URLs
[-] Not all Google contacts are imported in address book
[-] Changed Character Sets (XLAT) ware not stored (Options > Preferences > Other options)
[-] When editing character set "Translation FROM Windows" cannot be saved (Options > Preferences > Other options > Character Sets (XLAT))
[-] when an HTML message was loaded for editing, viewer options were used
[*] Photo of the recepient is shown (if available) for messages in the Sent and Outbox folder
[+] Quick Reply feature is now available from the message Preview Pane
[*] Quick Reply some cosmetics fixes
[-] Inline images for HTML formatted messages were not shown if system HTML was used
[-] Fixed "Error reading xtSigners.Options: Invalid property value" when verifying S/MIME messages
[*] Text fixes was made in Quick Reply
[*] Cosmetic fixes at The Bat! Preferences (Html Viewer)
[-] Added support for PGP 10.0.2
[*] Fixes in the Html Viewer form (description of the settings were not visible)
[-] AV when closing "Select folders" dialog for virtual folder (if there isn't selection in folder tree)
[*] Automatic settings have been implemented
[-] When Microsoft CryptoAPI implementation was used for TLS, and a certificate did contain multiple hosts, The Bat! took only one host.
[*] The Bat! now adds SmimeCapailities attribute to signed messages
[-] White-space characters must be skipped in BASE64-encoded message part
[+] Added a new item "Workspace" to the Main Menu
[+] Items in "Workspace" were changed
[*] Fixes in Main Menu(View and Workspace)
[*] Some new items were added
[-] Hotkeys were not working in the Quick Reply before the pop-up menu was explicitly called (Beta issue)
[+] Quick Templates can be used in the Quick Reply editor by Ctrl+Space (Beta issue)
[-] When IMAP folder's cache was checked for integrity partially loaded messages were generating errors
[*] It is now possible to set Quick Reply template per folder basis (Beta issue)
[-] Quikc Templates of IMAP folders were stored in wrong place making QR impossible (Beta issue)
[*] Some Quick Reply cosmetics - size control, menu item, etc (Beta issue)
[-] Message Source Viewer was not using colours from the Preferences
[-] (#0000022) "Copy folder columns settings" was working only if a ViewMode was associated with a folder
[-] IMAP. Remotely stored viewable attachments are not shown as tabs
[*] Message Search now starts from the latest messages in local folders
[-] IMAP. AV when trying to view message which contains image as the sole element of structure (message has Content-Type: image/*)
[-] QT editor could not be called (Beta issue)
[-] IMAP. Application hangs when trying to view message which contains image as the sole element of structure (message has Content-Type: image/*)
[*] Message about invalid regular expression in sorting rule is stored in account log
[*] A warning is given when a filter containg a wrong Regular Expression
[-] Original message wasn't marked as read when it was replied
[-] (#0000098) Source View was not decrypting message source in OTFE mode
[-] The "Limit first column auto-expansion" option was not working in threaded message lists
[-] Folder maintenance cannot be stopped
[-] Sometimes The Bat! did import Microsoft Outlook messages without attachments.
[-] (#0000081) It was not possible to define delivery type for forwarding several messages to the same address(es)
[-] Multiple messages to the same address were forwarded with the source messages attached
[*] IMAP. Folder should be unsubscribed before deletion (some server are know to keep subscription for deleted folders)
[*] IMAP. More smart algorithm to determine UID of appended message in the absence of UIDPLUS extension
[-] IMAP. BEFORE and AFTER criteria produce invalid SEARCH command
[*] Read Filters are now executed in an additional thread (in order to reduce workload on the main thread)
[-] Warning about group deletion if a group contained only one message displayed as the root of a tree branch
[-] IMAP. AFTER criteria produce invalid SEARCH command
[*] AFTER condition is placed before BEFORE condition in Message Finder dialog (to specify date interval more naturally)
[-] Some valid JPEG images are reported as damaged on image tab
[-] The Bat! didn't check for updates at start-up even when this option was configured ON
[*] "Check for updates when The Bat! starts" option has moved from the stand-alone tab in the Preferences dialog to the "Confirmations" page
[-] The "Invalid Handle" error under OTFE (BEta issue)
[-] Fixed the "Invalid handle" error (BETA issue)
[-] Quick Reply pane was not shown (Beta issue)
[*] The "Mark replied messages as read automatically" option in an account's properties
[-] Quick-Replied messages were not marked as replied nor processed by replied filters (Beta issue) [*] was added in serverinfo.ini
[-] The "Cannot assign a nil to a TFont" error in the Preferences dialogue (Beta issue)
[-] Images with internally unsupported format were reported as damaged
[-] Accelerator "R" was used for several fields in "Search And Replace" dialog
[*] (#0000111) When a message is created from an address book, the Subject field is focused by default if the field is empty, the body is focused if subject is not empty (eg filled by a template)
[*] A note was added in "Shortcut Editor" dialog that only one shortcut per item is supported (Toolbat2000 limitation)
[-] It wasn't possible to use macros in account name portion of folder path in move/copy filter action
[*] The "Mark replied messages as read automatically" option is on by default (for new accounts)
[*] Warning is now given when another message is selected when Quick Reply text is not empty (Beta issue)
[*] It's now possible to clear(or send/save as draft/open in editor) Quick Reply contents by pressing Ctrl+F4 (Beta issue)
[-] IMAP. Some filter actions cannot be executed if message is stored remotely (full message must be downloaded in local cache)
[-] Wrong "Reply-To" header when a message was sent after editing as new
[-] The "New tag" command was not working at the "Tags" page of the preferences dialogue (Beta issue)
[*] Separate setting for Quick Reply pane in addtional message viewers
[*] Message Dispatcher: Creation Date/Time is now shown accordingly to the message list settings
[-] Possible errors caused by deletion of a ViewMode when it was used in a visible message list
[*] Better handling of additional mouse buttons
[*] HTML templates used for Mass Mailing now generate multipart/related parts if they contain inline images
[-] (#0000119) Read filters could not be triggered sometimes
[-] The default external image download rule was always reset to "Reject unknown" after restart if no additional rules were defined
[-] IMAP. Deadlock when loading some messages
[-] (#0000127) When smilies are shown, some HTML messages could be shown garbled
[*] Christmas Splash Screen
[-] IMAP. AV when loading new messages (BETA issue)
[-] "Out of system resources" error when multiple Folder Maintenance tasks was simultaneously started by Scheduler
[-] Task destruction wasn't thread safe (BETA issue)
[-] Abstract class was created (BETA issue)
[-] IMAP. Memory leaks was fixed
[+] Warning than IMAP Folder Manager should be used to delete IMAP folders
[-] Folder tree could be not refreshed properly after deletion of an IMAP folder
[-] IMAP. Download preferences wasn't used for folder synchronization
[-] IMAP. Deadlock while doing Folder Maintenance
[-] It wasn't possible to stop search process
[+] Mark message as Replied/Forwarded filter action
[-] Source View - the Print function was not working correctly
[*] Some mailers are known to violate RFC2047 5.(3) and split multi-octet character across adjacent 'encoded-word's (we concatenate adjacent 'encoded-word's with the same charset to work around this issue)
[-] "TTaskUpdater.DecUse: negative reference counter, already destroyed!" error while performing folder maintenance
[-] Message Finder: Option for searchin of whole words only was ignored


The Bat! Voyager (Final release)

Aktuelle Änderungen (seit v5.0.30.1):
[-] (#0008959) Missing string "Download Folder Contents task" in CC queue
[-] (#0008985) Translated labels in QR Code Generator are wrongly positioned
[-] (#0008990) Option "Do not store password, prompt for mail retrieval" is enabled by
    default when creating new account
[-] (0008646) /EXPORT command line parameter gave "Invalid pointer operation" error
[-] Fixed Access Violation error when adding or viewing untrusted Root certificates during a
    TLS connection
[-] Scheduler event cannot be deleted after execution (dirty fix)
[-] Scheduler event cannot be auto-deleted after execution
[-] IMAP. Some servers are known to return 0 as UIDNEXT (resulting infinite counter update)
[+] "Print Preview" - big icon
[+] Print Preview big icon
[-] Changed https to http, now redirecting on the techsupport site works properly.


The Bat! Voyager (ALPHA)

Aktuelle Änderungen (seit v5.0.22.8):
[-] Voyager copy files animation didn't work
[-] the program could stuck at startup due to calculation of repetitions of some scheduled Events
[-] Filter editor can fail to check clipboard contents - retry again after some time (clipboard managers can conflict with The Bat)
[-] Action can be prematurely destroyed when instructed to wait for (from main thread) but not return to caller (resulted in odd exceptions)
[*] When no host name was specified for an IMAP server, a friendly error message is given the same way as was for a POP3 server.
[-] (#0008397) URLs copied from MS Word get lost
[+] You can copy multiple filters to the clipboard by clicking "Copy" on a root node
[+] You can paste multiple filters from clipboard
[*] If no account or folder is selected when The Bat! starts, the Inbox of first non-password protected account is selected
[-] (#0008848) Marking message as read after copying by a filter was not working
[-] (#0008681) Birthday reminder does not work (additional fix)
[-] Cannot open attaches from externally saved messages (in eml-file for example)
[-] Sometimes the labels were incorrectly displayed in the connection center
[-] Message memo cannot be changed from plugin
[*] Plugin API: Added flags to distinguish auto/manual/hot-key invocation of filters
[+] Options for Automatic update IMAP folder subscription at startup
[*] IMAP Folders with \NoSelect flags are handled more correctly
[*] Plugin API: Mail message operations are executed synchronously
[+] When a user did type a Voyager Master Password by mistake using uppercase or lowercase characters, Voyager tries to user lowercase and uppercase versions of the password before giving an error that the password is incorrect.
[+] Voyager by default uses AES algorithm for OTFE-encryption. This gives huge advantage in speed on processors that support AES instructions (e.g. Intel 32nm processors)
[-] When an invalid password was specified for an IMAP account, The Bat! displayed invalid error message
[+] Plugin API: Certificates can be added to "Trusted Root CA"
[-] When there were an incorrect password configured in the account properties for an IMAP account, The Bat! gave an incorrect error message that "were no compatible authentication mechanisms detected"
[-] Cannot get messages with POP protocol (Range check error)
[-] The automatic folder creation option for IMAP filters was creating local folders instead of IMAP ones
[+] Plugin API: Anti-spam preferences can be accessed
[-] IMAP. Message isn't marked as read when deleted to local Trash folder
[+] Added U.S. English interface language
[-] AV when trying to get host name by IP-address
[-] Search for non-ASCII text could miss matching messages
[-] Plugin API: Problems when adding contacts and groups in address book
[+] Plugin API: Photo and certificate can be accessed in address book contact
[-] Smartpad might remove national characters
[-] On creating new spartpad files, first character could be question mark
[-] Smartpad-related fixes
[-] Plugin API: Contacts in address book wasn't updated when changed from API
[-] Some errors of file open/save dialogues weren't logged to the user.
[+] Plugin API: Contacts and groups in address book can be deleted
[*] Plugin API: User confirmation is needed to add certificate to "Trusted Root CA"
[-] The Bat! was unable to add a root certificate to trusted store
[+] Plugin API: Address book can be created from scratch
[+] Plugin API: BeginUpdate/EndUpdate methods to perform major changes in address book (suspend repainting)
[-] (#0008885) Filters could not be called from a separate message viewer under some circumstances
[-] "Failed to store..." warning when some messages was deleted by antispam/antivirus plug-in in POP session.
[-] Option to display a message as the root of a Subject/To/From message list group was ignored
[*] Plugin API: Groups in address book are created with "Hide items if not explicitly selected" option enabled
[-] Plugin API: Some methods wasn't declared as "stdcall"
[-] (#0008813) Operations with X.509 certificates in the account properties weren't saved
[+] The Bat is now able to handle Certificate Request Files (PKCS#10). If you try import this request file to your list of certificates, The Bat! will search for certificates with private keys that has permission to sign certificates, and will sign the request, so you will import the signed certificate rather than the request.
[-] When opening a message on IMAP that contained inline html graphics, The Bat! could display a progress window without a caption
[-] Clearing IMAP cache in folder properties could lead to "access violation" errors on disconnected accounts
[-] (#0008369) Address Book : Menu entry "Windows Certificate Store" is enabled, even Internal SMIME is selected
[*] Address history now uses the same date/time format as the message list
[*] An option to insert textual representation rather than the image for an emoticon (smiley) in the HTML editor is now OFF by default
[-] Some malformed HTML messages took very long time to load
[+] When clicking to a button to display external HTML images, it now loads the images
[-] (#0008672) "Windows Certificate Store" menu item disappears
[-] Plain text messages saved as HTML have been shown as a single line
[-] TBMAPI.DLL gave error messages
[-] Fixed some memory leaks
[-] If a user did drag a message from The Bat! to an external application, national characters might have been lost
[-] Some fixes related to copy-paste in HTML messages
[*] Added the NNT extension when importing address book from Eudora
[*] (#0008898) Checking whether mailto URLs are containing UTF-8 encoded text
[-] The Bat! had incorrect default font size and face since version 4 for all dialogs and menus. Before version 4, for example, it did use "Segoe UI" size 9, as recommended in , but since version 4 it was using smaller font sizes, which is harder to read on higher-resolution monitors. Also, before version 4, The Bat! did use "Microsoft YaHei" size 10 for Simplified Chinese and "Microsoft JhengHei" size 10 for Traditional Chinese, but since then incorrectly used Segoe UI size 8 for Chinese.
[*] Languages in the interface language selection menu are sorted alphabetically, but English is always first, so if you accidentally switch to a language that you don't understand, you will at least be able to select English by choosing the first element.
[-] Fixed a few bitmap leaks in the QR Code
[-] Removed flickering of the "download images" button
[-] Fixed an access violation when switching between sessions of different IMAP accounts in the connection monitor
[-] Range check error while trying to select text below the end of message in MicroEd (using Shift-Arrows)
[-] Fixed an AV when inserting smileys
[-] The Bat! will no longer show "GifImage:5 EReadError" on invalid GIF files.
[*] Now errors detected in JPEG images (e.g. embedded to HTML message) are only logged to the ex_log.txt when a command line option /REPORT_JPEG_ERRORS is set.
[-] Logged JPEG errors didn't have error numbers or explanation text messages logged.
[-] Hint display mode wasn't stored (Options|Preferences|Hints)
[-] Fixed deadlocks when filtering messages
[-] Some DES and Triple-DES messages couldn't be decrypted.
[+] %VALIDFILECHARS macro that takes an argument and to replaces invalid characters to underscore (or character from the second argument). It is useful in Sorting Office Filters that create folders and uses other macros like %OSUBJ as a folder name, e.g. %VALIDFILECHARS="%OSUBJ"
[-] Fixed Stack Overflow error when handling large groups of IMAP messages, e.g. moving 10000 messages from one folder to another on IMAP.
[-] (#0008915) Filters were not creating new Common folders automatically.
[-] "Invalid pointer operation" when trying to close message editor after inserting invalid JPG image in HTML editor
[+] Added "Certum Trusted Network CA" root certificate to the list of trusted root certificates
[-] Accounts with empty names could sometimes appear in the folder tree and could not be deleted
[-] It was impossible to change receive mail protocol (e.g. from POP3 to Exchange) in the account properties.
[+] An IMAP fine-tune option to resend IDLE command each 30 seconds, may be useful if a router in between closes idle TCP/IP connections
[*] If an IMAP connection is closed during IDLE command or when no command is active, i.e. between NOOPs, no message that connection closed is displayed to the log in the status bar (however, if a protocol log is turned on, the message is logged there)
[+] The macro %VALIDFILECHARS also handles names with a dot as a last character, and it also handles device names like COM1 properly
[-] IMAP connection errors weren't properly reported. There were just a message "connection unexpectedly closed" without the actual description of the error
[-] Wrong time formatting for today's messages in MailTicker
[-] (#0008944) If UIDPLUS extension is not supported by server and Outbox is stored on server, than message cannot be sent directly from editor
[-] (#0008253) Message dispatcher: pane separator is not saved
[-] (#0007847) Pane separator is not saved in Connection Centre
[-] The Bat! did't handle properly when the user clicked "Manage IMAP folders" on a password-protected account.
[-] When POP-before-SMTP authentication was enabled, and there were an option to prompt the password (do not store it), then cancelling password input on the POP3 session did endlessly invoke new POP3 sessions.
[-] After adding a certificate from the certificate viewer to the address book, a background window got focused.
[-] (#0002528) MailTicker wasn't hidden when it contained only messages outside the age limits
[-] (#0008945) The "Move processed file" option of the "Watch and Send files" scheduler action could leave processed files intact
[-] (#0008914) Opening an .EML message and trying to forward it gave an AV
[-] (#0008580) When using /AES_BENCHMARK, The Bat! did quit after testing
[-] (#0007230) With multiple accounts that didn't store POP3 server password (prompt on retrieval), entering the password needs additional clicks to invoke the respective window.
[-] (#0008953) Messages downloaded in "headers + only text" mode were not downloaded in full for viewing their source
[-] (#0008663) No IMAP connection is possible if the "Do not store password, prompt on mail retrieval" option is enabled.
[-] (#0008930) Message list getting shorter and shorter in the separate viewer window if the window is maximized
[*] (#0008522) Error "The message is sent but could not be moved from Outbox to the Sent folder" will now not be obscured by lesser subsequent messages
[-] (#0007428) Extensions of saved messages are always uppercased


The Bat! Voyager (ALPHA)

Aktuelle Änderungen (seit v4.2.25.1):
[-] Submission forms could not be submitten (Beta issue)
[-]: Fixed bug 0007364 [-] (#0008069) 5.0.0.xx Alpha vs discrepancies (Beta Issue)
[-] (#0008067) 5.0.0.x Alpha: Messages count not displayed during loading (Beta Issue)
[-] (#0008081) IMAP vs Message counts (Beta Issue)
[-] (#0008028) Account list not showing all message totals (Beta Issue)
[-] Previous alpha didn't work with IMAP (beta issue)
[-] Fixed bug 0007364
[-] (#0008069) 5.0.0.xx Alpha vs discrepancies (Beta Issue)
[-] (#0008067) 5.0.0.x Alpha: Messages count not displayed during loading (Beta Issue)
[-] (#0008081) IMAP vs Message counts (Beta Issue)
[-] (#0008028) Account list not showing all message totals (Beta Issue)
[-] Previous alpha didn't work with IMAP (beta issue)
[-] Small IMAP fix (BETA issue)
[-] (#0008122) 5.0.0.x Alpha. Cannot open clipboard AV
[-] Some error messages were displayed as empty messages
[*] IMAP message bases are now stored in a separate "IMAP" folders to prevent troubles when the
user switches back and forth between versions 4 and 5 of The Bat!
[-] Export message(s) to UNIX mailbox did't work (did export to a destination file and then
immediately delete this file) in recent alphas (BETA issue)
[*] Removed "Create new chat folder" and other chat-related menu items
[-] Message|Save As wasn't working properly (Beta issue)
[+] It's now possible to search for RegExp and other The Bat!-specific criterias in IMAP folders
and in offline-mode (in cached messages only)
[*] IMAP on-server search should be now functional for the Basic mode in Message Finder, other
Finder modes are yet to come (Beta issue)
[-] Fixed icon animation for Zahid
[-] "Message|Save As" action was not working on IMAP
[-] Changing of message's character set was removing messages from the list (Beta issue)
[-] Messages from the .EML/.MSG files could not be copied into folders (Beta issue)
[-] Fixed some bugs related to high memory consumption (BETA issue)
[-] Fixed some bugs related to invalid HTML display (BETA issue)
[*] The Bat! is now faster to compile
[-] Advanced Search was not working correctly on IMAP folders (Beta issue)
[-] IMAP search for text with non-ASCII characters was not working correctly (Beta issue)
[*] The "view mode changed" exit confirmation is now not displayed when only sorting order or
column widths have changed, in this case the changes in sorting and widths are discarded.
[*] The about box is simplified
[-] (#0008151) 5.0.0.x Alpha Two hints in Message Editor (BETA issue)
[-] Some HTML hints were improperly displayed (BETA issue)
[-] (#0007184) Connection Centre behaves strange
[-] (#0007902) Connection Centre's show mode was not saved properly
[-] Print preview window didn't remember its size and position (BETA issue)
[*] The mouse cursor is hidden when it's over the QR Code Display window
[-] (#0008155) 5.0.0.x Alpha. - TBUSER.EEF reseted to default when starting TB! with OTFE (BETA issue)
[-] (#0006440) Ugly scrolling CC window
[-] (#0006219) Connection Centre Display bug
[-] (#0007623) Transparent Details-section of Connection Centre
[-] (#0006469) Connection Centre shows black lines after scrolling
[-] (#0004988) Details of Connection Center stay empty after deactivating and activating details
[-] (#0006366) "This message is currently locked by mail sending task" error
[-] (#0006351) Polling all acounts at start-up when it should not
[-] (#0007184) Connection Centre behaves strange
[-] (#0007902) A Connection Centre bug fixed
[-] (#0008155) 5.0.0.x Alpha. - TBUSER.EEF reset to default when starting TB! with OTFE
[-] Fixed an IMAP AV on logon (BETA issue)
[-] When protocol logging was enabled on IMAP, there were immediately the following error upon
connection: 'EDosStreamError. Cannot open file ""'
[-] Fixed "EOSError System Error. Code: 5. Access is denied" exception in the log when the mouse
was not available (BETA issue)
[-] Finally fixed window positions on additional monitors (BETA issue)
[-] (#0008153) 5.0.0.x alpha Export messages to text files creates empty files (BETA issue)
[-] Fixed a rare AV in the message editor which could happen when closing the window (BETA issue)
[*] Save messages to IMAP server-based outbox doesn't block input anymore (Beta issue)


The Bat! Voyager

Aktuelle Änderungen (seit v4.2.25.1):
[-] SOCKS proxy didn't work with TLS connections


The Bat! Voyager 4.2.25

Aktuelle Änderungen (seit v4.2.15):
[-] (#0006144) wrong calculating user charset for replay part in HTML editor
[-] (#0007838) Problem with HTML qoutation
[-] (#0007828) Dialogue "Check for update" is not centered by default and new position is not
[-] (#0007835) Untranslatable action "Export S/MIME Signature or Certificate" and whole dialog
[-] (#0007836) Untranslatable dialog "Algorithm selection" when generating new certificate
[-] An error in selective download filter could abort a POP3 session
[*] Improved speed of handling folder names. This may be noticeable on very slow computers with
     very large folder trees, otherwise the effect is negligible
[-] Clicking the "How to register" menu item have caused the "file not found" error message
[-] (#0007845) - Error Message when exiting "save as" in Graphic Viewer
[-] (#0000764) Token Manager - IDs with the same name on iKey and in ID store file
[*] Changed DEP detection algorithm for the operating systems prior to Windows Vista.
[-] (#0007852) Dragging attachment - system error
[-] The certificate selection window did save it's coordinates to a wrong location in Registry
[+] "Do nothing" option for the "Watch files" scheduler's action to control execution of other
[-] Certificate Search Results form did write its registry values to the new location
[-] (#0007844) Font family not set in HTML mail
[+] "Confirm unencrypted sending" option in the account properties
[-] (#0007860) Virtual Folders Names appear with double brackets
[*] If there were an invalid birthday date stored in the address book, The Bat! did only report error
     "invalid argument to date encode", without further clarification for the user what might have
     caused the error. Now more detailed information is given.
[-] It was not possible to move folders in/out
[-] (#0007859) After renaming an account, folder structure is not saved
[-] Fixed a spell-checker related AV on exit
[-] The progress form about loading the antivirus plugins did overlap with the splash screen.
[-] Significantly reduced CPU load during POP3 sessions. This significantly improves speed of
     retrieving messages on computers with slow CPU and fast connection (e.g. Ethernet) to the
     POP3 server.
[-] (#0004357) No account username/password update dialog during failed POP3/SMTP login


The Bat! Voyager 4.2.9 – aktuelle Verbesserungen

Nach der Veröffentlichung von The Bat! 4.2.9 stellt RITLabs nun The Bat! Voyager 4.2.9, die mobile Variante des neuen The Bat! vor.

Die wichtigste Neuheit von The Bat! 4.2.9. ist die verbesserte Verträglichkeit mit Antivirus Programmen. In vorangegangenen Versionen meldeten einige Antivirus Programme mit externem .bav Modul selbst dann "Objekte können nicht auf Viren überprüft werden", wenn die Objekte infiziert waren. Nun wird dank des The Bat! Anti Virus Plugin API Mechanismus jedes Objekt korrekt geprüft. Wenn das externe Modul einen Virus erkennt, generiert The Bat! eine korrekte Information, die den Namen des Virus und andere Informationen beinhaltet. Gleichzeitig führt es eine vorher im Setup angegebene Aktion durch: "Versuche die infizierten Teile zu reparieren", "Entferne infizierte Teile", " Leite die Nachricht an sich selbst", "Lösche die Nachricht", "Verschieben in den Quarantäne Ordner ", "Informiere den Absender" .

Eine weitere Verbesserung betrifft Fenster, die vor dem Hauptfenster von The Bat! auf dem Display erscheinen. In älteren Versionen erschienen diese nicht in der Windows Taskleiste. Aus diesem Grund waren kleine Fenster wie das zur Passwort Eingabe nur durch zeitraubendes Verkleinern aller davor liegenden Fenster erreichbar. Ab The Bat! 4.2.9. erscheinen alle Eingabefenster ( z.B. das " Neues Konto anlegen" Fenster, das beim ersten Start von The Bat! erscheint ) in der Taskleiste sobald der Nutzer auf ein anderes Programm ( z.B. um eine Mail in ein Clipboard zu kopieren ) zugreift. Dadurch kann der Nutzer immer schnell auf diese Fenster zugreifen.

Eine wichtige Ergänzung die in The Bat! 4.2.9 eingebunden wurde, ist die Option zur Erkennung der Sprache in Vorlagen Makros zum Angleich von Datum und Urzeit. In älteren Versionen beispielsweise hätte die Nutzung von The Bat! in englischer Spracheinstellung auf einem Windows Betriebssystem mit deutscher Einstellung der Spache das Datum mit "You wrote Sonntag, 5. Juli 2009" wieder geben – einen unschönen Mix deutscher und englischer Worte. Nun gibt es die Möglichkeit Einstellungen vorzunehmen, die eine landesspezifisch richtige Darstellung von Datum und Uhrzeit ermöglichen. Z.B. "Sie schrieben am Sonntag den 5. Juli 2009"

Unter anderen Verbesserungen von The Bat! 4.2.9 möchten wir noch die automatische Markierung und Verknüpfung von neuen Domains wie .info, .name, .aero, .asia, etc. nennen. Ältere The Bat! Versionen hätten Domains mit solchen Endungen nicht vom reinen Text abgehoben. Doch nun werden Sie genau wie die .com, .org, etc. unterlegt. Natürlich konnte The Bat! immer schon von solchen Domains Nachrichten senden und erhalten, die Änderung betrifft nur die automatische Hervorhebung dieser im Text.

The Bat! Voyager 4.2.9 ist unter folgender Adresse zum Download erhältlich: Nutzer der The Bat! Professional Edition können das Programm unmittelbar nach dem Download aktivieren.

Um The Bat! Voyager nutzen zu können, benötigen The Bat! Home Edition Nutzer ein Upgrade auf die The Bat! Professional Edition.



  TheBat! Voyager v4.2.9.3 (Final Release)

Diese finale Version benötigt einen neuen Registrierungsschlüssel von TheBat! v4.1.x

Aktuelle Änderungen (seit v4.2.6):
[*] Sorting by gender in "Pick e-mail addresses" dialog
[-] Some captions or controls didn't fit the windows
[+] Macros that accept date format as the first parameter now can also accept the language as the second parameter. If the language is specified, the Windows formatting is using.The language can be specified for the following date macros: %DATE, %ODATE, %ORcvDate; the date is formatted according to . Additionally, when formatting a date, you can use "L" format specifier to get DATE_LONGDATE. For specifying language in time formatting, you can use the following macros: %Time, %TimeLong, %OTime, %OTimeLong, %ORcvTime, %ORcvTimeLong, according to
[-] The Bat! Didn't understand long Generic top-level domains like .info, .name, .aero, .asia, .coop, .jobs, .mobi, .museum, .travel, .arpa and .nato.
[-] Fixed a few grammar errors in "Postponed Sending"
[-] Fixed a few typos in the interface
[-] (#0007640) Using the %Postpone macro sees a spell check done twice
[-] (#0007549) Antivirus plugins sometimes didn't work
[-] It was not possible to create templates without CR/LF at the end
[-] (#0007654) Thai mail unreadable since 4.1.x
[-] (#0007449) Masterpassword or login windows, didn't appear on the taskbar.
[-] Thai html is diplayed by The Bat! with orphan characters in the end of each line; also, the
multiline space is too big.


  TheBat! Voyager v4.1.73 (Final Release)

Diese finale Version benötigt einen neuen Registrierungsschlüssel von TheBat! v4.1.x

Aktuelle Änderungen:
- (noch) nicht veröffentlicht


TheBat! Voyager v4.0.32.1/Beta

Diese Beta-Version schreibt keine Einträge mehr in die Windows-Registry.

Beachte: In älteren Voyager-Versionen musste kein Passwort eingegeben werden. Leider ist seit der Version ein Update von einer Installation ohne Passwort nicht ohne Weiteres möglich. Um in einem solchen Fall auf die aktuelle Voyager-Version umszusteigen muss aus der laufenden Voyager-Version eine Datensicherung erstellt werden. Diese Datensicherung kann dann in die neue Version importiert werden.

Aktuelle Änderungen:
[*] smartpad added into the tray popup menu
[-] Newly created templates were not accessible right away
[*] adding gray and mono glyphs started
[-] Some fixes to encoding automatically generated text parts
[+] Extended drag-and-drop functionality: it is now possible to drag messages as files system-wide, bring drop target window in front by dragging over taskbar buttons, import messages from .EML and .MSG files, etc.
[-] The Bat! didn't start in OTFE mode; gave "Unregistered" error and then an "Access Violation"
[-] (Beta) some fixes to the new drag-and-drop functionality
[-] Fixes to Tray menu handing
[-] (#0006931) Clicking tray icon when the main window was active did not hide the main window
[-] Fixed a problem in S/MIME internal implementation: some S/MIME signatures gave "Failed to parse PKCS#7 data object"
[-] Path to sound file to play in filters was not relative, this was an issue in Voyager and when restoring The Bat! to a new location
[-] Path to auto-backup file was not relative (Voyager issue)
[*] The Bat! key import from new formats of .PEM private keys
[-] When importing S/MIME private keys with certificates in S/MIME internal implementation, The Bat! now supports all algorithms of PKCS#5 v1.5 format for private key file.
[-] Hunspell user dictionary can be displayed with incorrect code page
[-] (beta) various QT Editor issues
[-] (Beta) AV error at startup when Large Fonts are used
[-] Decrypt filter action didn't work
[-] (#0007051) Drag-and-drop into the Template Preview was not functioning
[+] The Bat! can import private keys from PEM encryption format. Such keys have the following headers: "Proc-Type: 4,ENCRYPTED", "DEK-Info...."
[-] (#0007064) FOLDER (F) parameter does not work anymore in /MAIL command
[-] Some S/MIME certificates might give "The revocation status of the certificate or one of the certificates in the certificate chain is unknown" error, The Bat! could not pass over.
[*] When viewing a certificate, The Bat! can now explicitly state that a certificate conforms to to Polish act on electronic signature of 18 September, 2001 (Journal of Laws 2001 , vol. 130, item 1450)
[-] Read confirmations were stored in the wrong folder (Beta issue)
[-] Fixed some memory leaks in S/MIME internal implementation
[*] Quick Templates are now stored in new format that supports UNICODE properly
[-] Fixed an AV that might happen when simultaneously checking multiple accounts with TLS
[-] (#0007073) Attachments were open twice
[-] (#0006593) Some menu commands and buttons got disabled after viewing messages using a preview pane tab
[+] Spell Checker > Check from cursor
[*] Expired certificates are now not stored to the newly created Root CA address book.
[-] (#0007020) the "Create Formatted Message" filter action was not using the "Mark as Read" and the attachment options
[-] (#0006963) Dragging and dropping text files onto HTML editor resulted in pasting contents of those files instead of attaching the files
[-] (#0007101) (Beta) AV Error when closing the QT Editor after creating a new QT
[-] (#0007090) (Beta) Editor's command "Create a Quick Template" was using old dialogue
[-] (#0006917) Character set problems when a message was saved into the Outbox and reopened
[*] (#0007058) More flexible handling of invalid base64 encoding
[-] Vairous issues related to multiple monitors usage
[-] (#0006756) Sorting Office: Filter was not saved correctly if another account was selected after editing the filter
[-] more fixes to window positining on dual monitor systems
[-] S/MIME decryption in Internal Implementation didn't work

[-] Fixed a memory leak
[-] (#0006850) Missing topic ID for "Viewer/Editor profiles" section in Preferences
[-] (#0007083) QT editor : entries "No change" are not translatable in Options tab in Preview dialog
[-] Fixed some memory leaks
[-] (Beta) Various problems with common Quick Templates
[-] (#0007084) QT editor : Untranslatable context menu in "Name" and "Handle" fields
[+] glyphs for text align added
[-] (#0007075) If a computer's name had underscore character, The Bat! could send it as an argument to HELO command in SMTP which could cause some servers give an error "Syntactically invalid HELO argument(s)"
[*] Updated Czech welcome message
[-] (Beta) Problems with editing filters
[*] Better Free Caret positioning
[-] (#0007127) (Beta) Access Violation error when a new QT was added
[-] (#0007118) MicroEd: Usage of subpatterns when replacing text using RegExp was broken
[-] (#0007128) /EXPORT and /IMPORT commands were not working for Address Book (LDIF) properly
[-] (Beta) adding a QT to an account without any QTs defined caused AV
[-] (Beta) setting a message's colour group to "none" was not possible
[*] Message View and Message Header PopUp menus reworked
[-] Zahid didn't compile
[-] Increased token (iKey, eToken) poll attempt count from 2 to 3 before closing The Bat! windows.
[*] Users might find some SMTP/POP3 tasks in in Connection Center hanging; deleting them didn't produce a result. These hanging tasks might have been caused by unhandled errors (exceptions). Now such errors are being logged in the account log.
[-] (#0007142) (Beta) Newly created Quick Templates were duplicated
[-] (#0007133) (Beta) It was not possible to view message source when message auto-view was off
[-] (#0007148) (Beta) Quick Templates created for new accounts were not loaded after restart
[-] (#0007138) It was not possible to set the destination folder in the "Create formatted message" action
[+] Options to flag and park created message in the "Create formatted message" action
[-] (#0007160) (Beta) Common Templates were not accessible from the %QInclude macro
[*] (#0007088) Addreess Picker dialogue now displays/hides items in the exactly the same way as in the Address Book. For more convenience, the [All Items] choice is added
[*] Preferences/ General and Applications page layout fixed
[*] Preferences/ MessageList Date/Time Format page layout fixed
[*] Glyphs for logDown, logUp, RasLogReceive, RasLogSend icons fixed
[-] The Bat! could give Access Violation when training an anti-spam plugin and no folder were selected.
[*] many Preferences pages layouts fixed
[*] (view source) added into message preview popup
[*] undo/redo buttons added into Editor Toolbar
[-] (#0007165) Access Violation when deleting Group in Network & Administration dialog
[-] Message list font invalid in the global preferences dialog (BETA issue)
[-] There were errors in the ex_log.txt (BETA issue)
[*] Better date/time preview in the Preferences dialog.
[*] Preferences fixed
[*] Mail Chat commented from menus for this release
[*] message browser menu layout rearranged
[*] search prev/next in quick search
[*] Preferences for MailTicker!
[*] Rearranged the preview of date/time format in the Preferences dialog.
[*] MailTicker Show control duplicated to Preferences / System
[-] Color group names could be displayed improperly in the Preferences dialog.
[*] glyphs for trash and add filter changed
[*] "about" improved
[*] Editor Toolbar splitted into Standart, Edit and Search
[*] main menus slightly rearranged
[*] Icon for Quick Templates added into the main menu
[*] Security Toolbar added into Message Editor
[+] (#0003519) The Bat! now imports Mozilla's "read", "replied", "forwarded", "deleted" and "marked" flags from Unix mailboxes.
[!] New format in the Import Wizard: Mozilla's Thunderbird.
[-] Cosmetic: fixed two black vertical lines in the "set password" window
[-] AV when switching Windows themes
[-] (#0007145) "Persistent selection" and "Overwrite selection" options were not used in the new MicroEd
[-] (#0007158) Undo/Redo buttons in the message editor did not reflect actuall possibility to perform the operations
[-] (#0007026) User group contents was not stored correctly when the OK button was pressed (in the Network and Administration dialgue)
[-] Message flags weren't imported from Mozilla's Thunderbird (BETA issue)
[-] some cosmetic fixes
[*] (beta) main window's menu rearranged
[*] glyphs for trash, copy, cut icons changed
[*] Since this version, the option to use the "X-Mailer" header is turned OFF, even if you had it ON in a previous version of The Bat! You can go to the Options/Preferences and turn it ON again, but we don't recommend it.
[*] glyphs for trash icon replaced
[*] icons added into address book/quick search popup menu
[-] There were temp files left after importing messages from other mail clients.
[-] (#0007187) Using MS Exchange (MAPI) messages stay on the outbox without being sent
[-] (#0005795) Import option of 'Run external action' filter action broken
[-] (#0006167) Voyager is adding redundant lines to global.ini
[*] glyphs for trash in folder tree replaced
[*] icons fixed for address book quicksearch popup and memo popup menus
[-] (#0007194) Folder|Check for viruses command was disabled until a new anti-virus plug-in was added
[*] (#0006632) Folders with all messages read should not change their position in the list of the unread Folders tab [before moving to the next folder]
[-] (#0007197) Wrong editor type indication when Plain text (Windows) default editor type was selected
[*] (Beta) more cosmetic fixes on Unread Folders Tab and positioning selection in the Folders Tree
[*] Glyphs for Trash updated,
[*] glyphs for new contact, delete contact, add group, View Address History


  TheBat! Voyager v3.99.8 (Final Release)

Auch in diesem Final Release werden weiterhin Einträge in die Windows-Registry geschrieben.

Aktuelle Änderungen:
[-] Voyager didn't support relative paths of protocol logging.
[-] List of files in the pop-up menu in the attachment panel was improperly displayed (as a
edit-combo box)
[-] (#0006352) IMAP protocol mislabeling: IMAP accounts are labeled as POP3 in Account, Properties, Transport pane, although they are properly configured and work correctly.
[-] When selecting certificates for encryption, the certificates with "sign only" purposes are not given to the list.
[-] When selecting certificates for signing, the certificates with "encrypt only" purposes are not given to the list.
[*] If you encrypt a message and there is only one recipient's certificate, The Bat! doesn't display any prompt window and silently encrypts to this certificate.
[-] When working with certain kinds of hardware security tokens, and when the user was prompted for PIN, there were garbage characters in the input line.
[-] Replying to multiple messages/qouting empty selection/without quotes was not working correctly
[-] If you send a submission form before saving it, it wasn't saved properly. Further opening of this form have caused an "AV".
[-] (#0006272) Translation strings were somewhat complicated, this made translation errors possible that could lead to improper visualisation of conditions in the Sorting Office/Filters.
[-] Configuration databases could duplicate items at some circumstances
[-] The Bat! didn't detect GnuPGP 1.4.7
[*] IMAP: more mail ticker compatible
[-] The macro %WINDOWSPLATFORMNAME returns Windows 2003 when used on Windows XP X64 Edition.
[-] The "Perform per-filter restore" string is not available for translation


  TheBat! Voyager v3.99.4 (Final Release)

Auch in diesem Final Release werden weiterhin Einträge in die Windows-Registry geschrieben.

Aktuelle Änderungen:
[-] Voyager didn't support relative paths of protocol logging.
[-] List of files in the pop-up menu in the attachment panel was improperly displayed (as a edit-combo box)


  TheBat! Voyager v3.99.3 (Final Release)

Auch in diesem Final Release werden weiterhin Einträge in die Windows-Registry geschrieben.

Aktuelle Änderungen:
[-] Message counter in a folder wasn't updated when a new message was added to this folder by "Decrypt a message" filter.
[-] If a filter was unable to decrypt a message, the action to move the message (that could not have been decrypted) to a folder didn't work.
[-] If a filter had an action to decrypt a message an there were an S/MIME error like "failed to parse the PKCS#7 object", the error was given to the screen in a modal dialog box rather than displaying in the log file.
[-] Account setting of message split size was ignored when the new messages were created by Sorting Office/Filters.
[*] When creating a new message from a filter, the options "Sign when Completed", "Encrypt when Completed", "Use PGP", "Use S/MIME" are taken from the account properties, so you don't need to explicitly set these options via %SIGNCOMPLETE, %USEGPG (etc) macros. However, if you don't want a new message from a filter to be signed or encrypted, you should can use the macros %NOSIGNCOMPLETE, %NOENCRYPTCOMPLETE.
[-] (#0002988) When restoring data from a backup archive, the certificates in the "Trusted Root" address book were not trusted until you edit the corresponding address book entry.
[-] In S/MIME certificates and certificate requests, the "middle name" field was improperly stored in "GenerationQualifier" attribute rather than in the "initials" attribute.
[-] Fixed some small handle leaks of "FindFirstFile" API calls.
[-] S/MIME signed and/or encrypted reading confirmation messages (in Sorting Office/Filters) weren't supported.
[+] A new command-line parameter /REFILTER to re-filter the specified folder. E.g. thebat.exe /refilter;U=accountname;F=foldername
[-] If you specify a character set in the submission form, it was not used to encode output data (filled by the user in the input fields).
[-] An option in the account properties to use non-encoded 8-bit characters in the message header didn't work.
[-] (#0006193) E-mail addresses from the Intermediate CA and Trusted Root CA address books are being used by the auto-complete function.
[-] (#0006293) Account with user rights: user with limited access rights can create/delete an account
[-] Regular expressions didn't work in the filters in some cases.
[-] URLs didn't open under Windows 98
[-] Submission forms were not stored during backup
[-] (#0006217) Double line spacing in plain text replies to HTML messages
[-] (#0005890) Reply to HTML using text format is a quagmire
[-] (#0001842) Macro QUOTE doesn't work for multipart/alternative message with UTF-8 part
[-] (#0006321) Account order was not updated after renaming an account
[-] Cosmetic fixes in account properties and SMTP/POP3 authentication windows.
[-] Cosmetic fixes in the sorting office/filter properties: "decrypt message" action dialog did wrap a checkbox under Windows Vista.
[*] IMAP counters changes
[-] POP3/SMTP authentication passwords in the account properties weren't XXE encoded in the configuration file.
[-] Finally (we hope) fixed the problem of restoring certificates from backup.
[-] (#0006324) The Bat automatically change charset to UTF-8 when a simpler charset, like Windows-1251 could have been used.
[-] (#0006324) The Bat automatically change charset to UTF-8 when a simpler charset, like Windows-1251 could have been used.
[-] (#0006318) Command line parameter "/mail....;ATTACH=filename" doesn't work now with masks (*.ext etc)
[-] Attached files with Unicode characters were only supported when keeping attachments in message bodies. If you have kept attachments in a separate directory, the Unicode characters were replaced to quotation mark, which led to inability to save the attached files.
[-] Attachments might not have been deleted from the Attachment directory if they have contained non-latin characters.
[*] Backup archives larger than 2G bytes are now properly handled
[*] Folders are created automatically when restored from a backup archive without restoration of account properties
[*] Significantly improved speed of working with attachments
[-] Submission forms list in the main window didn't get updated if you add a submission from an attachment.
[-] some IMAP filtering fixes
[-] Mail chat problem with national characters
[-] Memory leak when a new message was stored into a folder
[*] Better and faster way to shutdown when some tasks are in progress
[*] chat national symbols problem
[*] The "Later" button in the "OK to exit now?" dialogue
[-] Encrypted backup archives with huge folders (about 2GB) couldn't be created or restored due to "out of memory" errors.
[-] (#0006063) Uninformative error message at backup
[-] (#0006048) Search for whole in messages did not work


  TheBat! Voyager v3.86.03 (Final Release)

Die Beta-Version wurde noch einmal überarbeitet und unter gleichem Namen veröffentlicht.

Aktuelle Änderungen:

Erste Test zeigten das diese Version keine Probleme bei der Installation hat. Desweiteren haben anscheinend weitere Optimierungen dem Programm zu einem wesentlich beschleunigteren Start verholfen. Die Menüleisten der Designs werden allerdings weiterhin nicht im aktuell gewählten Design dargestellt. Dies betrifft: Office2003, OfficeK, Roma, Tristan, und Tristan2. Auch in dieser Version werden weiterhin Einträge in die Windows-Registry geschrieben.

Aktuelle Änderungen:
- Bugfixe
- Diverse Optimierungen


TheBat! Voyager v3.86.03/Beta

Auch in dieser Beta-Version werden weiterhin Einträge in die Windows-Registry geschrieben.
Auf Grund diverser Probleme sollte diese Version mit Bedacht eingesetzt werden.

Bei einer Neuinstallation konnte ich nach erfolgreicher Aktivierung Voyager nicht starten. Das Programm wurde mit der Fehlermeldung beendet, das der Token entfernt wurde - bei einem Update trat dieses Problem nicht auf. In diversen Designs wird die Standard-Symbolleiste nicht mehr im aktuell gewählten Design dargestellt. Dies betrifft: Office2003, OfficeK, Roma, Tristan, und Tristan2.

Aktuelle Änderungen:
- nicht verfügbar.


  TheBat! Voyager v3.85.03 (Final Release)

Auch in diesem Final Release werden weiterhin Einträge in die Windows-Registry geschrieben.

Aktuelle Änderungen:
- nicht verfügbar.


TheBat! Voyager v3.81.14/Beta

Auch in dieser Beta-Version werden weiterhin Einträge in die Windows-Registry geschrieben.

Aktuelle Änderungen:
- nicht verfügbar.


  TheBat! Voyager v3.80.04 (Final Release)

Auch in diesem Final Release werden weiterhin Einträge in die Windows-Registry geschrieben.

Aktuelle Änderungen:
- nicht verfügbar.


  TheBat! Voyager v3.72.03 (Final Release)

Auch in diesem Final Release werden weiterhin Einträge in die Windows-Registry geschrieben.

Aktuelle Änderungen:
[-] (#0000767) It was not possible TO set an empty name for iKey1000 token.
[!] Removed deprecated feature "Client-Server Mode"
[-] (#0005569) Invalid focus position in S/MIME input password dialog
[-] (#0002252) Cursor not positioned correctly in Template editors (including Quick Templates)
when you click with the left mouse button on the place where you would like TO put the cursor.
[+] Help button for the "Pick email address" dialog.
[-] Better name resolution in Exhchange MAPI sessions.
[*] Better mail retrieval for Exchange server.
[+] Outlook Import and Exchange MAPI: added support for attached RFC-822-messages
[-] Exchange MAPI: The Bat! might consider some folders on Exchange server as not for email
messages and could skip them during mail retrieval
[-] Exchange MAPI: incorrect number of processing folders was displayed during mail retrieval:
The Bat! did also count empty folders
[-] Exchange MAPI: The Bat! did improperly calculate the total E-Mail message count: non-email
items like appointments or addresses were also added TO the total number of E-Mail
messages TO retrieve, although The Bat! did skip these non-email items
[-] Exchange MAPI: you can go TO Account|Properties|Options and turn on "Verbose Log" TO see
which folders and items does The Bat! skip or process during Exchange retrieval
[-] Exchange MAPI: A dialog box should be displayed TO prompt the user for the profile password,
if required. Now The Bat! uses the following MapiLogonEx flags:
[-] Exchange MAPI: When verbose logging is enabled, when The Bat! skips non-email items, it
displays the Message Class and Subject of these items.
[-] (#0005610) Customiser: Shortcut items actually missing shortcut keys produced AV on exit
[-] Exchange MAPI: The Bat! did calculate the number of skipped messages improperly.
[-] possible AV on exit, IMAP account
[!] Special thanks TO Vadim Yavorsky for the assistance with Exchange MAPI protocol
[-] IMAP: moving TO local folders
[-] (#0005619) Crop Button Macros
[-] When importing messages from MS Office Outlook, The Bat! didn't convert X.400 addresses
TO SMTP addresses. This opportunity is only available for Office XP, Office 2003 and
later versions.
[*] When working with Exchange server, The Bat! queries messages one-by-one.
[-] The Bat! didn't import messages which had no bodies.
[-] (#0005620) deletion of qsearch-created tab not always removed filter
[-] IMAP: fix of duplication on synchro
[+] Minor: cmdline parameter /MsgId:ref TO open message with specified ref on startup
[-] Minor: system hotkey couldn't be cleared
[*] Coloured sorting key column of the message list is back
[-] (#0005124) Macro %TO, %FROM & %SUBJECT doesn't work if field was previously set empty
[*] (#0005654) Create Filter dialog (menu: [Specials -> create filter): checkbox added TO create
a common filter
[*] common folders now do allow setting the confirmation behavior and templates;
[+] New CSS param calckulated system
[-] (#0005649) Under IMAP, color filters incorrectly color messages
[-] "Edit personal certificates" button in Account Properties also works for CryptoAPI S/MIME
[-] (#0005551) In CryptoAPI S/MIME implementation, if a certificate didn't have a CRL distribution
points extension, The Bat! wrote that certificate revocation status is unknown and ceased
TO use this certificate.
[+] When importing addresses TO the Address Book, you can select multiple files.
[-] The filter condition "Time of ... is ..." was not storing minute values
[+] You can import addresses TO the address book from X.509 binary certificates.
[-] IMAP: possible wrong encoding
[+] Folder Maintenance stores previous operation checks
[-] (#0005373) Content of message Memo as filter condition does not work
[-] (#0005302) "Create a formatted message" filter action is broken
[-] (#0005393) two "Put message in outbox" buttons in the editor toolbar when sending mail from
external app
[-] (#0005187) The Report text-box in the Maintenance Center don't scrolls down
[-] (#0005667) Reply TO All could produce unpredictable CC field
[-] (#0005663) Stop messages search not recognized
[-] filename added TO EXCEPT.LOG message when failed TO create a LDAP#x.ABD file
[-] addrbook creation: our phone area code is 22, not 2
[-] SMTP Auth was reset if account "created" by an existing one.
[-] (#0005742) LDAP Addressbook search could cause AVs
[-] updated URLs where the app makes references TO.
[-] (#0004722) Virtual Folders not showing all messages it should
[-] new phone and fax numbers
[-] IMAP: remote outbox fixes
[-] (#0004597) Backuping IMAP mails fails....
[-] (#0005751) Message list header has white background when using multiple sort
[-] (#0005757) Character set of the message changed in a VF is not saved
[+] Minor: ability TO execute scheduler task now
[-] Minor: things like window positions.. and spell checker..

[!] Wichtige Verbesserungen
[+] Neue Feature
[*] Verbesserte/veränderte Feature
[-] Fehlerbehebungen


TheBat! Voyager v3.70.06/Beta

Auch in dieser Beta Version werden weiterhin Einträge in die Windows-Registry geschrieben.

Aktuelle Änderungen:
- nicht verfügbar.
[*] Neuer Splashscreen


TheBat! Voyager v3.65.02 (Final Release)

Auch in diesem Final Release werden weiterhin Einträge in die Windows-Registry geschrieben.

Aktuelle Änderungen:
- nicht verfügbar.


TheBat! Voyager v3.64.02 (Final Release)

Aktuelle Änderungen:
[-] (#0005293) it was possible to create new entries in the Deleted items "address book"
[-] (#0005504) Photos from address book were not printed on some printers
[*] The "Open attachment with..." was always shown as the main form's child window
[-] (#0002813) Incorrect handling of handles consisting of 2+ words
[-] Folders were checked wrong against the Folder list in filters
[-] Search for file names was not working
[-] (#0005518) New files were not extracted from messages when the option "Overwrite
existing files" was used
[-] Minor: Adress Book Ext filter condition used non-user-friendly view
[-] (#0005520) Jumping text in the header editor
[-] (#0002685) Found lost common folders were not shown before program's restart
[-] Pressing Esc to close a drop down was not cancelling current search in the Address Book


TheBat! Voyager v3.64.01 (Final Release)

Aktuelle Änderungen:
- nicht verfügbar.


TheBat! Voyager v3.63.15/Beta

Aktuelle Änderungen:
[+] If you add Registry DWORD Value "CopyToOutboxProhibited"=1 to
"HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\RIT\The Bat!", The Bat! will prohibit copying messages to
Outbox from other folders. You will be only able to foward, redirect, etc. messages, which will
lead to creation of new messages in Outbox, but you will not be able to copy (or move)
messages to Outbox.
[-] Unnecessary confirmation on closing message editor
[-] MailTicker didn't work in Voyager.
[-] During the installation it din't ask for OTFE mode (beta issue).
[-] Filters not worked on hardware OTFE
[-] 0005396: "Move up", "Move down", "Move in", "Move out" are not working correctly when
moving folders across accounts
[-] (#0005295) Button "Token editor" in "Account properties" is allways enabled, even does
[-] (#0005228) When importing certificates in Base64 format, The Bat! didn't ignore trailing space
[-] (#0005179) Chars ??? in "Signed message verification report"
[-] (#0005427) Invalid display of free space percentage in Backu/Restore dialogv
[-] (#0005207) Edit action, headers, network dialog and message finder might have wrong
characters when using translations to Cyrillic alphabets.
[-] Empty row at the bottom of the header editor
[-] (#0005455) Special characters were not QP-encoded in headers
[-] (#0005446) Fields being edited weren't properly updated in the header editor
[-] (#0005456) %CURSOR=BODY macro was not functional (Beta)
[-] (#0005462) Custom header fields were not stored into outgoing messages (Beta)
[-] (#0005412) Attached messages used the containing message's character set
[-] (#0005419) Wrong Tab order in the "Mass forward/redirect" window
[-] (#0005436) It could be possible to disable switching of memo auto-view on and off
[-] (#0005442) Only one address set was available in address picker
[-] Utilities|Address Picker was not working in the message editor
[-] If Windows default locale and language for non-unicode programs were different, wrong
templates with non-ASCII characters generated garbage (Beta)
[*] (#0005461) More accurate paste into message header fields
[-] (#0005141) 7-bit character sets could not be used in message editor
[-] (#0005368) "Cookie from a file..." Macros button option was not working
[-] Empty ASCII-only headers (Beta)
[-] Custom header fields were unmanageable from templates (Beta)
[-] (#0005478) Clicking on hot-tracked address header items did not have effect in the message
[-] (#0005471) "Cannot focus disabled or invisible window" error when a message editor was closed
with automatic suggestion list open
[-] (#0005485) Ctrl+S was not working when a header was modified in editor
[-] some header editor cosmetics
[*] More accurate work with default folder's character set


TheBat! Voyager v3.63.9/Beta

Aktuelle Änderungen:
[-] IMAP: duplication problem
[-] (#0005407) Filters on Message source don't work (beta issue)
[-] (#0005432) Password-protected account was left unlocked after creation of a new message.
[-] When there were no drive "C:\" available in the system, Windows Folder selection dialog didn't
contain icons.


TheBat! Voyager v3.63.7/Beta

Aktuelle Änderungen:
[-] (#0001189) It is not possible to save empty message with attachment and predefined
rescipient by Ctrl+S
[-] (#0001165) Security leak within The Bat Pro and passwords
[-] (#0005391) Opened files were not checked against protection settings
[-] (#0005397) "Mark messages as read" options were mixed up
[-] (#0005395) Cosmetic problems in the template editor in the folder properties dialogue
[-] (#0005389) Message list view was not redrawn in some cases
[-] (#0005368) "Insert Cookie from file" menu item was not working in template editor
[-] (#0005399) Cosmetic bugs in QT editor
[-] (#0005394) AVs when changing to other tabs when manual filter was selected
[-] (#0005392) VFs not refreshing even manually (beta issue)
[-] (#0002454) Didn't check CRL with S/MIME CryptoAPI implementation
[-] (#0004905) No rollback in SMTP-auth after MSN attempt


TheBat! Voyager v3.63.5/Beta

Aktuelle Änderungen:
[-] System hotkeys are now stored properly in the Voyager.
[*] Search now works must faster with non-encrypted messages

TheBat! Voyager v3.63.4/Beta

Aktuelle Änderungen:
[-] Header settings (Main Menu|View|Message Headers) weren't backuped/restored.
[-] Message Ticker Settings weren't backuped/restored.
[-] Voyager did store Header settings (Main Menu|View|Message Headers) and Message Ticker
Settings in the Windows Registry.
[-] (#0005375) Need some more width for labels
[-] The Bat! could draw very slowly long header lines, e.g. when subject could contain more than
2000 characters.
[-] (#0004084) Specials|Create filter was not working when a message was not loaded into
preview pane
[-] Settings to open attachments (disabled file masks, etc) and editor header settings weren't
stored properly in the Voyager.
[-] (#0005194) Time conditions in filters weren't stored after change
[-] (#0005378) TAB characters were not converted in the %TEXT macros
[-] Voyager did store XLT configuration in Registry.
[-] Custom tables in Options|Preferences|Character Sets (XLATs) are now backuped/restored.


TheBat! Voyager v3.63.3/Beta

Aktuelle Änderungen:
[-] (#0004175) Only a part of address book photo was printed
[-] (#0005312) Empty warning on saving attach instead of opening
[-] (#0005310) "account|change server password" was enabled when a common folder was
[-] (#0005310) account properties dialogue: checkboxes depending on "use multiple connections
to IMAP" server option were not enabled/disabled as they should
[-] (#0005311) A visual glitch in Account properties dialogue
[-] Export and import of messages is now logged if the option "Verbose Logging" is ON the
account properties.
[-] Double click on message header was working only for the currently selected field
[-] (#0005323) Better working with scrollbars in treelist controls
[-] (#0005318) Message list Tab: Access Violation appears, when I close "Select folder..."
dialog by Esc
[-] (#0005315) It is possible to set Virtual folder as destination for "Move the message to a
folder" in Filtering system
[-] When deleting a certificate containing a private key and there exist another certificate
containing the same key, The Bat! doesn't offer to delete the private key on the token.
[-] Files could not be extracted from signed messages
[-] (#0005301) password was asked twice on attempt of opening password-protected account with
a "+" key
[-] (#0004603) AV Error when the last message was deleted from a filtered message list.
[-] (#0005307) set memo action was not updating displayed message lists
[-] (#0004732) Preview Pane: Attachment pane settings were not reflected in menus on start
[-] Strings for table buttons in HTML editor
[-] Adding deleted message to the POP server deletion queue could be omitted some times
[-] Message List: Group names weren't shown under Win9x
[-] With On-The-Fly encryption, if you change something in the interface (e.g. select different
theme or move a toolbar) and exit the program, the change has been lost.
[-] When writing config to INI-files, relative path names weren't stored properly
[-] It was impossible to move out of the message header control using TAB key
[-] (#0005317) Changes in columnes of Chat folder are not saved
[-] (#0005336) Filter doesn't send auto-reply immediately
[-] Scheduler: bug in calculation of next time for some recurrence types
[-] Mail Ticker options weren't backuped.
[*] Splitting of large messages made faster
[*] Encoding of large attachments is now faster
[-] (#0005342) Incorrect background of group boxes which are not inside page control.
[-] IMAP: new queue
[-] IMAP: new list request
[*] (#0005335) %ABnnnFNAME(LNAME,MNAME) macros added to avoid confusion
[-] The Bat! didn't offer to restore from a backup archive on the first run after the installation
[-] Header settings (Main Menu|View|Message Headers) weren't backuped/restored.
[-] Message Ticker Settings weren't backuped/restored.
[-] Voyager did store Header settings (Main Menu|View|Message Headers) and Message Ticker
Settings in the Windows Registry.

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